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Trinity Bonds and Baby Missing

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Trinity Bonds, a minor, and her newborn baby boy went missing within weeks of the nation- wide and viral search for Maddison Bell, a legal adult who has been found safe and left on her own.

All we know is that Trinity is 5’2” and about 215 lbs, an African American female with a large flower tattoo on her left forearm and a nose piercing.

Her son, Navier, was only about two weeks old (born April 17) and was with her when they were last seen in small Trio, Crawford County Ohio May 3, 2020.

We were unable to locate any information on her or the circumstances of when she was last seen, nor any missing persons reports for the baby.

They are both minors and need to be found.

Richland County Children Services – 419-774-4100

Mansfield Police Department – 419-756-9724

Richland County Sheriff’s Office – 419-524-2412

Crawford County Sheriff’s Office – 419-562-7906

Richland County Children Services describes Trinity on their website as “AWOL” a term used by the military when a soldier fails to report. Further it says she is a “black female” and not a child, which she is.

If anyone knows Trinity why she “left” or what role the baby’s father plays in the case, we will be happy to report more info on Trinity and baby Navier.

If you know where she is, remember she is a minor and is not free to leave, making the legal situation of any adult housing her during an ongoing search questionable.

There seems to be no push, effort, or to search for the missing baby at all; I am unable to find a news report or missing flyer attempting to locate him.

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