The Oldest Active Missing Persons Case

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Marvin Alvin Clark is the oldest active missing person case in the United States.
Marvin Clark Missing Person
He was born in 1852 and disappeared October 30, 1926, at age 69. Marvin vanished while on the way to visit his daughter in Portland, Oregon from Holbrook, less than 10 miles away.

On October 30, 1926, Clark departed his home in Tigard to meet his daughter in Portland but he never arrived.

Some witnesses claimed to have seen Clark at a bus terminal on Yamhill Street in Portland that day, dressed in a dark suit and slacks.

On November 9 his wife Mary received a postcard from Bellingham, Washington that was supposedly sent from Clark. The wording seemed as if the writer was in a confused state of mind. Witnesses in the Bellingham area saw him around hotels on November 2nd and 3rd.

Marvin Clark, as far as we know, was never found.

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