Monticello John Doe- IDENTIFIED

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Update! They have been identified and are listed on NamUs as an unclaimed person.

On July 5th, 2014 someone was found unconscious by Lake Anawana Road, at 3:29 AM, in Monticello, NY.

It is not mentioned if he was found inside or outside of the pool, or by whom. Only that his clothing were found at the scene of “the pool”. He later died at a New York hospital, listed as John Doe.

The found clothing was a camouflage Rothco pants size 30, a black Call Of Duty Ghost T-shirt, a white medium t-shirt, a gray and black NY Yankee baseball hat size 7 1/8 and gray and lime green Nike AirMaxs, size 7.5. The description seems to suggest that he wasn’t wearing them when he was found.

The address 491 Anawana Lake Road is listed in the NamUs case file, as “a Children’s Jewish summer camp”. If you search for it you find that it is just a lot, full of trees. But close by at the address of 495 is a pool. Surrounding it is a dozen basketball and tennis courts, along with a few buildings. Behind the pool is a grass-filled baseball diamond. The overgrown area is almost unrecognizable as a track without seeing prior images. Across the street is a full compound. A catwalk bridges the road in between. Nothing else is listed in his case file online. (See it here. Warning: contains morgue photo)

Unadvertised, it’s called Camp Rav Tov D’Satmar, a 9-week sleep away camp for about 3 thousand Hasidic children. The former Kutcher’s Sports Academy was leased in 2008 and is now owned by Rav Tov. Boys, ages 9 to 13 years, wake up at 6:45 every morning to study the Torah. Most sports are forbidden, which explains why the courts look overgrown and cracked.

People drowning is not that uncommon. Something, however, about John Doe’s circumstances seems unusual.
His clothes and hat say he is probably local to New York. Rothco pants are a brand found at military wholesellers. Nikes suggest some cash flow. Call Of Duty has some gaming culture. While everything he had could also been found at a thrift store, anyone trying to save a few bucks could of spent less. Where is his wallet or phone?

From reports about Camp Rav Tov, the pool is surrounded by a large plywood wall.  It was built for modesty, so that when the wife and daughters of those at the camp swim, the men and boys cannot see them. This works the other way around as well. It’s not exactly a pool in the city someone can randomly come upon and decide to sneak in. Who found him in this secluded area after 3AM?

Why is the only mention of his existence in his NamUs file? There is no mention of this incident around the date in local newspapers. No mention of someone drowning that night on the internet. No links to any missing persons (that we could find).  No e-mail replies from the Rabbis we reached out to. Its as if it never happened and who ever this is, ever existed.

If you have information please call the Sullivan County Coroners Office

Please share this article or the image of John Doe to help identify him.

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