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Missouri Missing Co-Founder Looking To Purchase Home Where Daughter Was Killed

By September 29, 2018 2 Comments

This trailer home and its small plot of land in Ivy Bend, Missouri is finally for sale- and Marianne Asher-Chapman has been waiting to purchase it.

This October 25th marks fifteen years since her daughter, Angie Yarnell disappeared. Her husband pleaded guilty to manslaughter. years later.
Michael Yarnell was released in 2013 but still never led investigators to Angie’s remains.

Their home was on the same plot that is now for sale in Ivy Bend.  Marianne Asher-Chapman is raising money to purchase the land where they believe Angie died.  With ownership comes the freedom to search the property. It would also become a place of peace and be used by Missouri Missing, the 501(c)(3) non-profit Asher-Chapman started to help those with missing loved ones.

Michael Yarnell Was Considered A Person Of Interest

When Michael showed up at Marianne’s house one day saying that Angie left him, Marianne didn’t take his word for it. A postcard arrived in the mail, signed by Angie- but not in Angie’s handwriting. Marianne searched for years when a local newspaper picked up her story, and Michael hid from the spotlight. He was eventually brought back to Missouri for tampering with evidence by writing the forged postcard and then confessed to causing Angie’s death. He claimed they were arguing when she fell off the deck of their home, hitting a rock. As part of a plea deal, he agreed to lead police to Angie’s remains yet never did. Without proof, he was only sentenced to seven years. After four, he was released for good behavior.


There is a GoFundMe as well as a Facebook fundraiser in place to help raise the $35,000 goal.


  • Patrick Kerrigan says:

    Thanks for your efforts in this area. Also, we need to push the rest of the states to pass their version of Francine’s Law, like Oklahoma. How hard would be to do. Also, how much money would it cost to use the resources out there. How many violent homicides that are unsolved have not been entered into the FBI’s VICAP system.

    • Case Ravel says:

      Every state would use something like Francine’s Law! We would love to get someone from each state left to spearhead this. We would of course help with text and media.
      For costs, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Is there something you need help with finding resources for?

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