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Lori Vallow’s Family Speak Out In Dr.Phil Interview

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Lori’s Vallow older son Colby, the half brother to missing children JJ and Tylee, gave an interview to Dr. Phil. He says he found out the kids were missing through the news; he was also shocked to learn that his mother was married to a man he had never heard of, a man who shared her fascination and preoccupation with an impending end of days.

An aunt, who is also interviewed on the show’s special episode, confirms this fixation.

Official records of Charles and Lori’s divorce also reflect her warped religious views, stating she did not want them to find out she was a “translated being”.

Charles’ sister even says Lori even made comments about sparing her kids the terror and suffering by ending all of their lives before the apocalypse.

Lori, however, is alive and well.

Lori Vallow Left Colby In The Dark

When Colby spoke to his mother about this sudden fifth marriage to a man whose wife had just mysteriously died, the investigation into the children, and them abandoning their home and moving abruptly, she seemed nonchalant and unbothered by the circumstances, he told Dr. Phil.

A storage container of the kid’s belongings and her unconcerned demeanor may mean Lori is hiding her children somewhere, perhaps with people who share those beliefs and interests in her new husband’s religious books.

However, Colby said in his interview he was not convinced and the aunt also does not feel the kids’ chances are good based on the facts and Lori’s behavior.

Colby said the last time he Facetimed with Tylee and saw her and JJ together was August 30th. According to Colby, the teenage sister Tylee is very motherly to her younger special needs brother, JJ Vallow. By the end of September, he noticed her texting manner changed and she refused to video chat or talk over the phone.

JJ was taken out of school to be “homeschooled” also at the end of September, his last confirmed sighting.

Lori Vallow, who lied to police about where her children were and then fled the state of Idaho, was arrested in Hawaii months after the children were last seen and is being held on $5 million bail.

Do Deaths Run In Vallow’s Family?

In addition to the three mysterious deaths related to the couple, Lori and Daybell the religious author, it seems that Tylee’s father had also dropped dead abruptly the year before. Whatsmore, Lori Vallow did not notify his family, have a funeral, or publish an obituary.

Within a year, JJ’s father was killed by Lori’s own brother. There are accusations that a life insurance policy was involved. The children were in the home at the time. Everyone present at that event is now dead or missing, except Lori Vallow.

  • So, within 48 months:
  • Joseph Ryan, Tylee’s biological father-  Sudden “Apparent Heart Attacked”
  • Charles Vallow, JJ’s father- shot and killed by Lori’s brother Alex Cox
  • Tammy, Chad Daybell’s former wife – Sudden death, unexplained. New autopsy pending.
  • Alex Cox, Lori’s brother who killed JJ’s father- Sudden death, unconfirmed circumstance.
  • Tylee- missing
  • J.J- missing

… Meanwhile, Lori and Daybell, her fifth husband, are in Hawaii.

Grandparents Are Staying Hopeful for J.J and Tylee

The grandparents also appear on the show and offer a reward of $20,000. They were the ones who originally became concerned about JJ’s whereabouts and reported him missing, pressing authorities to begin their search.

They make the claim that Lori had begun corresponding with Daybell while still married to Charles, JJ’s father who was shot dead. When she first left, she said, according to them, she did not want responsibility for JJ. Given all the mysterious deaths and sudden lack of contact, the grandparents raised the alarm for JJ and pray both kids are found safe.

Authorities indirectly confirmed Megan Boswell is not pregnant, despite her claims in the media. She is being held for giving false reports to police in the investigation of her missing daughter last seen in December. She did not report her daughter missing.

Friday, February 28, police in Tenn searched a mobile home that once belonged to the Boswell family. Police did remove items from the house

It is unknown if this has to do with tip from psychic who claimed the girl was “in the house” or if police are simply searching for clues of where Evelyn Boswell may be.

Friends of the missing baby’s young mother believe she knows where the baby is.

Most recently her story was that her own mother, the 42 year old grandmother, took the baby to Virginia. The grandmother was arrested with the vehicle Megan Boswell described for the Amber Alert, but without Evelyn.

Authorities in NC where the grandma was arrested for the stolen car searched a pond but found nothing.

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