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Lori Vallow, Mother of Missing Kids, Arrested

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In one of the strangest missing childrens’ cases is history, an arrest has finally been made.

The first unusual thing in this case was that two children went missing from the same family: Tylee Ryan, a 17 year old girl, and Joshua “J.J” Vallow, aged 7 and on the autism spectrum.

Joshua “JJ” and Tylee Ryan

Second, these children haven’t been seen since September, but it wasn’t until now, 5 months later, that an arrest has finally been made.

And stranger still, it isn’t even for kidnapping or anything you might expect when her two kids are missing, that mother Lori Vallow is now under arrest and a 5 million dollar bond.

Vallow is Charged With Two Felonies and Nonsupport.

She is in violation of a court order from their home state of Idaho that required her to produce the two kids for the court and prove that they are safe.

Before that, without the kids or evidence, there was no grounds to get an arrest warrant for Vallow.

Located in Hawaii with her new husband, Lori Vallow will now face charges from Idaho for failure to support a dependent and desertion.

That is because in addition to not producing the children, the mother never even reported the children missing.

After several strange events and less and less contact with the outside world, police did a welfare check on Vallow and her new husband to find no kids in the home and no credible story.

As police began to investigate, the couple abruptly left the state. When they were found in Hawaii, they also had no children with them.

The concerned family have not seen the kids in months, and they were both supposedly being homeschooled in Idaho, a state which does not regulate home school.

But it gets more bizarre when looking into recent events including the school withdrawal, a strange storage locker of the children’s things, and a sudden return of the son’s beloved therapy dog.

A Series Of Deaths in Lori’s Life

The events leading up to the last time anyone saw Tylee and J.J included not one, not two, but three deaths.

The first was a slaying in July, of missing J.J Vallow’s father, Charles Vallow, by the hands of Lori Vallow’s brother Alex Cox. He claimed it was self defense, after a random attack during which the kids were home. Charles was Lori’s fourth husband.

In October, then wife of arrestee Lori’s Vallow’s new husband was found dead in her home. Tammy Daybell’s death was labeled suspicious, autopsy reports are still pending. He and Lori married only two weeks later.

Third, Alex Cox, who shot JJ’s father earlier that year, died in December. His death is still being investigated.

Who is this man whose wife abruptly and unexplicably died and joined Lori shortly before her children dissappeared?

He is a self-published author who claims to predict or prophesy events.

Yes. You read that correctly.

Family says Lori Joined A Doomsday Cult.

Chad Daybell was a member of the Mormon faith, but seems to have taken things in a self-published direction there as well.

Chad Daybell, Husband of Lori Vallow, Smiling

Chad Daybell

We will provide more on this, but sources close to the family believe that Lori Vallow and possibly her family may have been involved in a cult around Daybell’s beliefs and writings including, some say, Lori believing she was “a god”.

Kauai Police Department say she will attend a hearing on the island and will have the opportunity to waive or choose to fight her extradition to Idaho.

This story is developing and will be updated as needed.

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