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Lori Vallow Judge Excuses Self

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In yet another strange twist, Lori Vallow has exercised her rights as a defendant to request the judge in her case recuse himself, and the judge has obliged stepping away from the case for someone else to be assigned. Apparently, he had previously presided over custody decisions with Vallow. The judge had so far lowered Vallow’s- who asked to go by her newest married name Daybell- bail from $5 million to $1million dollars but had also moved the date of her next hearing from March to early May.

One of Vallow/Daybell’s attorneys has also walked away from the case.

Suspicious Video of Lori at Storage Unit Surfaces

Another strange connection to Vallow/Daybell’s complex family dramas and deaths crops up as well. Footage now shows Lori Vallow and her latest husband Daybell visiting a storage unit involving a tire and seat just days after Lori Vallow’s relative was shot at while driving by someone in a Jeep; investigators think the seat and tire may be from that Jeep or a similar one perhaps linking Vallow and DAybell to another shooting (in addition to Vallow’s ex Mr. Vallow, missing JJ’s father).

The video was also taken of the two together weeks before Daybell’s wife, Tammy, unexpectedly died. Within a month of her death, the kids were missing and Lori and Daybell married and went to Hawaii.

Further evidence of author and alleged doomsday cult leader Daybell having dealings with Vallow while still married include emails he sent her about seven missions for them to complete together before the end of the world, which they expected in July 2020. The bizarre communications mention such things as establishing “white camps” and “Presidency of the Church of Firstborn”.

Daybell, a writer who attend BYU, also enjoyed several years of working as a gravedigger, is a free man and attended his new wife’s hearings.

Vallow Children are Still Missing

The children, who she has refused to produce to the court to give consistent reliable information on the whereabouts, were last seen together for certain during a trip to Yellowstone September 8th. Police are asking for anyone who was in the National Park at that time to share their photos with them. People reported to have sent photos in, but noted that most of them only contained scenery and no people.

They also ask that anyone with info on where the kids might be contact Rexburg Police Department at (208) 359-3000, or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) at (800) THE-LOST.

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