Found Alive after Death

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Lula Cora Hood left her family after a dispute in 1970. She had 4 children at the time, who were under her sisters care.

When a skeleton was found in East Galesburg, Illinois on Sunday, May 5, 1996, they matched Hood’s height of 4’10”.

Lula Hood was presumed dead.

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“Lula Cora Hood”

15 years later, and 41 years since the disappearance, Lula was found alive and well in Florida.

Internet searches with her first and middle name and birth date led to a woman in Jacksonville with a different last name. She supposedly had more children, which the others have yet to make contact with.

When authorizes called, the Social Security number she gave matched Hood’s from 70 years ago.

But what about the body found under the back in 1996?

The skeletal remains found inside a kiln at the abandoned Purington Paver Brickyards proved they were not Hood’s in 2008.

It was also suspected to be the remains of Helen “Ruth” Alps, but the Knox County Sheriff’s Department said she was ruled out as a possible victim for unknown reasons.

In May 2013, Ruth‘s daughter submitted a DNA sample – and they matched. Why was she was ruled out the first time?

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Ruth Alps

Investigators still want to know what happened to Ruth Alps, and believe she died between spring of 1988 and November 1991. Ruth would have been between 47-50 years old.

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