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Faye Swetlik Autopsy Results

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First and foremost, the family has made two simple requests:
For people to wear NO BLACK to Faye’s memorial but to honor her with color, especially her favorite colors, pink and purple.

Second, they ask the public to please go to the public memorial at Trinity Baptist Church in Cayce Thursday Feb. 21 at 7 p.m.-but please do not to attend the private service at the funeral home before this.

This afternoon, Tuesday February 18th, clearly traumatized officials held a press conference to release as many details as they felt they could respectfully give.

Here were the details:

  • She did not die where her body was discovered.
  • Her body was not at the location she was found long.
  • Cause of death was homicide by asphyxiation.
  • She died within hours of going missing.

They also had many thanks to express including the support of the community, school, church, and many law enforcement agencies involved as well as the press for being uniquely respectful. Of course, they attempted to offer their condolences and promise to always remember Faye to her family.

Police Walk Through The Events of Faye’s Disappearance

Police went through events that transpired, including that Faye’s mother and neighbors looked for her immediately and then called 911 at 5pm. Police were there within 5 minutes. More back up were called within 30 minutes. SLED and FBI were called in as well by 6 pm. They did perimeter search and door to door canvassing while experiencing continuous rain.

Over 90 officials and canines were looking within 90 minutes, NCIC and BOLO were properly registered and news and social media contacted. Cayce City Hall was converted to a command center for the 300 people who joined during the night. They stopped every car going and out of the neighborhood.

By the very next morning a specific hotline for her case was up and running, more roadblocks and searches were conducted, using FBI help forms. People consented to car and home searches while grid searches were repeated including more canines. The same continued Wednesday night with no ends, so they called in more help.

Thursday morning, during regularly scheduled trash collection Cayce, officers combed through each trash can as it was loaded. At 10 a.m. they located the polka dot boots and soup ladder with fresh dirt on it. This was near 602 Piccadilly Lane. By 10:30 am Faye’s body was found in the woods nearby by the Cayce chief of police who spoke personally at the conference.

We now know, it had been moved in the dark hours of early Thursday morning. There then came a tip someone was bleeding on their back patio of a townhouse in the neighborhood. They found a deceased white male at 602 Piccadilly square. DNA found on site connected the two deaths. The deceased male had been interviewed at 602 Piccadilly on Wednesday and consented to a search of the house. Police found nothing suspicious in the house at the time. Based on evidence, police now conclude the white male resident at 602 Piccadilly acted alone in causing Faye Swetlik’s death.

A Public Vigil Is Planned For Faye Swetlik, This Evening

Faye Swetlike smiling against a pink background

They announced a vigil to be held, open to the public, this Tuesday evening 5:30 pm regardless of weather, on the lawn in front of Cayce City Hall. They did not know where Faye was between her death and discovery of her body. They had been in contact with the suspect’s roommate and had no reason to believe he had any knowledge was home during the time. Coty Scott, deceased suspect, did not leave a note, according to police. They had also checked gigabytes of video of the neighborhood which they said included Coty acting suspiciously.

Full autopsy of Coty Taylor will be released but not discussed publicly at the same time as Faye out of respect.

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