Free Family Search

We are available to aid in record searches, help finding unknown family or helping to fill in genealogical gaps, or other various lineage projects. We can also contact someone on your behalf, requesting them to get in touch with you.*

At no cost we will:
Give you a report of all findings.
Copies of any images, documents, or supporting evidence.

Findings will vary between locations, documented, laws specific to region or even from information provided to us that you know.

We are able to search for your specific answer or up to two hours of family lineage trees. While we do not currently have a professional genealogist to help on our team, we have access to the same documents, files and resources as many others use. If we think you could benefit more from hiring someone, we can point you in the right direction. Professional genealogist cost starts at $125 an hour.

Send us a message now on Facebook or contact us via email.

*Keeping safety and legalities in mind, we may refuse your request based on situation, connection or personal information.