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Evelyn Boswell Press Release Update

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Evelyn Boswell Press Release Bullet Points

In their Wednesday February 26th at 1:30 pm press release, law enforcement made the following points.

→ they were frustrated that in addition to losing valuable time by the child not being reported missing for at least 60 days, many social media posts were circulating that were false and impeded the investigation. This includes information put out by the mother herself- including that she could not take a polygraph because she was pregnant even though police she was not asked to and they do not even have the machine at their headquarters.

→ The mother, Megan Boswell, has now been charged with false reporting. Her mother and mother’s boyfriend, McCloud, were the aims of the Amber Alert including the BMW and were charged for the stolen vehicle. → The mother’s story has changed every time the police spoke to her.

→ December 10th and 11th was confirmed by the only person police say was truly forthcoming, consistent, and they have no otherwise lied- the babysitter.

Evelyn’s Mother, Megan Boswell, Arrested

A second arrest has been made in the case of missing baby Evelyn’s young mother, Megan Boswell.

Police say she has given conflicting information on when her daughter went missing, including changing dates she was last seen, in addition to not reporting her missing for months. She did previously provide information on a stolen BMW- that resulted in an amber alert being issued. Through the community investigators were able locate the car and arrested Megan Boswell’s mother (Angela) and her paramour.

At the time no has been charged for her kidnapping and police and FBI are still looking for tips and info to find Evelyn and believe she could still be alive. Law enforcement has also released videos of the toddler hoping to appeal to anyone who may have information. Evelyn deserves to be found. If you can help, please call the hotline.

Theories Surround Evelyn’s Case

Theories at this time include a “Casey Anthony situation. That the girl really was afraid of the grandmother and the grandmother did take the child. That the girl was sold. That the girl was taken by a concerned citizen for her own safety. Again, at this time, the police are searching for a living Evelyn and welcome any real tips at 1-800-TBI5.  A reward of over 50k is being offered.

Authorities in Tennessee have recently received word that searches in Wilkes County NC, where grandmother was found per the Amber Alert and arrested, are now searching a pond.

Update: The search of the pond did not turn up any evidence.

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