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Below is the original post from February, 2016. It is being reposted today (6/18/19) due to interest, so some information may be outdated.
There was an article posted after this one, but it is currently lost to the internet.
Some videos or clips posted by news outlets and police were later removed. If copies of them are available they will be updated as well.

Updates to this will be noted.

On Saturday, January 16th, H. Rivers reported her 30 year-old daughter missing. Here is the Police Report. The report was made at 18:45HRs (Which is 6:45 PM) with her ‘Last Known Secure’ time as 9:30HRs (or 9:30AM) on the 15th.

Though, if you follow the news- it will tell you she went missing on the 18th. Monday, the 18th, was MLK day. Why they failed to fact check or cross reference that she went missing two days earlier, is beyond anyone’s guess.

WWAY’s first report was on the 18th,  along with WECT‘s, followed by PortCityDaily on the 22nd. So, at this point, Ebonee had been missing for at least two days.

On the 18th is when a family member also posted the missing flyer on Ebonee’s facebook and makes a Find Ebonee Spears page.  The police did not do their first search until after the holiday.


Tuesday they searched around Ebonee’s apartment, the nearby Boys & Girls Club, and had K-9 out by Virgo elementary school. They find nothing. The 5-day mark still maintains the story as this:

Ebonee called her mother around 7PM Friday to say that she had eaten a salad and wasn’t going to come over for dinner. She had opted to stay at her Taylor Estates apartment and watch TV, while her daughter was spending the night at Harriet’s, her grandmother’s.

According to her family, Ebonee stopped going out on Friday nights years ago. She has recently been diagnosed with lupus that attacks her joints, making it difficult to walk for extended distances or time.

At 1 A.M her mother receives a call from one of Ebonee’s friends, saying she had been waiting outside Ebonee’s house since 10 P.M but had yet to see or hear from her. H. Rivers tries to reach Ebonee by cellphone the whole weekend, but while it rings, it also goes to a full voicemail box.

The police still consider it an adult missing persons case, and without any indication of foul play, they don’t exactly jump on the case. They searched and found nothing. They get tips in that lead them no where. Her mother believes that Ebonee is being held against her will, since she would contact her otherwise.

A few Facebook post are made, reward money is set up and then raised, but- nothing new. In news updates her phone, purse, keys and cars are at her apartment.

The owner at Carolina Gymnastics Academy states she saw Ebonee come in on the 14th, to drop off clothes for her daughter. She says “On this day, she was not the reserved, quiet, normal person that we normally knew, but nothing that I would say, ‘she’s about to disappear…”.

This same night, Ebonee’s recently prescribed anti-depression medication seemed to display some side effects. Her family attempted to have her admitted to the hospital, as she appeared confused but Ebonee regained lucidity shortly after. Her mother says Ebonee then went home to go to bed.

Friday the 29th a vigil is head in her Taylor Estates apartment complex. 250 people are said to have attended. Her mother tells people to not wear shirts with Ebonee’s face. Someone calls her cell phone this weekend and it rings, but they are able to leave a voicemail.

News breaks on February 9th when Wilmington Police Department Capt. Jim Varrone, commander of the Criminal Investigative Division, speaks to the media.

He states that they have tracked Ebonee’s last known whereabouts to not only a sighting outside of her apartment at midnight that Friday, but that she walked into the Wilmington Police Department and asked to use the phone, around 8 P.M.

When the phone fails to work, she appears to become frustrated and slams the phone down. She leaves “on foot”. The video, supposedly out of respect for the family, has not been publicly released.

The person who saw her outside says she asked for a cigarette. When he doesn’t have any, she starts in the direction of the store to get one. The clerk confirms recognizing her, but we don’t know when or what she bought- if any thing.

The police department is, as reported, within walking distance to her house. It is clearly noticeable and marked on a map of her neighborhood. Given what we know about her autoimmune disease, even though it was nearby, it may have been difficult for her to walk too, though depending on severity, not impossible.

Someone (who we are keeping anonymous for the time being) said she knows that Ebonee drove there- because she said she was. This is where things start to make even less sense.

The source claims that when Ebonee came in to drop off her daughters clothes, she spoke to the gymnastics coach. Allegedly, Ebonee confided in the coach that someone was following her and that she was going to go to the police department. She left in her car, speeding away.

She goes on to explain that it was so late Thursday evening, that it was technically Friday. That’s why shes missing on the 15th and not 14th.

This would seem like very important information, if true. It opens up a lot of questions, not only because of the nature of the information, but how it does not coincide with anything in print.

For one, the video of her in the police department was at 8PM, Friday evening. If she was going at some late hour in the night on Thursday then where did we fast forward over 12 hours? Did she decide to just go in later? Do the police have the time wrong? Not to mention, who is at a gym after midnight?

A gymnastics center that closed at 8PM. All this is supposedly said by the same woman who is on film stating that Ebonee “… was not the reserved, quiet, normal person that we normally knew.”  that night.

It almost seems like this piece of information is lacking more than it tells us, and with the lack of details and credentials its temping to throw out. But what would someone have to gain by lying about her being followed and off-setting and entire documented timeline. Maybe they’re just mistaken.

Lastly, there are 14 witnesses on the missing persons report. Only a few of them are not restricted. So far, nothing on who any of these people are or how they are related to her being missing. It will have to be revisited.

Six weeks after Ebonee goes missing, the person who waited for her and called her mother, comes out of the woodwork. Its her “boyfriend”, Antonio McCoy.

“I was wondering like she doesn’t go nowhere without that purse,” he says. “I looked in it, the license I remember being there there was cards in it, bank cards.”

During the same interview, her father, Alfonso Rivers says the five-minute long surveillance video from the police department shows her asking for help.

“From what I’ve seen on that film over and over again she was asking for help and they turned their back on my daughter,” Rivers says. “I couldn’t hear the audio but I could see my daughter, I know my daughter. I know she was asking for help, I know she was.”

Two months after Ebonee Spears has basically vanished and hardly anyone is talking. People want to know where she is, but don’t ask around. It seems if you ask too much, people get uneasy. The media skims on the details and doesn’t report more than they need to keep the viewers complacent. A woman is missing. A 13 year-old girl has no idea if she will see her mother again. The amount of unanswered questions grows daily.

What we need from the police are:
1 – phone records (they have them)
2 – phone ping location
3 – phone voicemails
4 – Antonio McKoy’s alibi
5 – Why there are 19 people listed as providing statements on the original police report, but only 4 names are visible.

What we need from Antonio McKoy:
– What route did he take to Ebonee’s house?
– How did he get into the apt.?
– How many times did he call her cellphone?
– Where were they supposed to be going?
– Where did he wait?
– Were her apt. lights on / door locked?
– Why did her wait so long to call her Ebonee’s mother?
– Why did he not call Ebonee’s mother to ask if Ebonee might be there?

What we need from the press:
1 – full account of the details of the disappearance, in chronological order.
2 – timeline of her last day, including the actions and locations of her family, her boyfriend, and herself
3 – no more editorials on topics not directly related to the case.
What we need from NamUs:
1 – update the most recent case report from 2/25 to include the original details from the one submitted on 2/17
2 – assign case managers that are aware they are being assigned to missing persons’ cases
3 – investigate why Ebonee’s first case submitted was assigned a case manager that (a) did not follow up to confirm status (b) said he doesn’t even do that kind of work for that organization

– How did Antonio McKoy get inside Ebonee’s apt.? Antonio did not have a key, yet was able to go inside to go through her purse.
– Why did he call her mother in the middle of the night (not to ask if they had seen her or if she was there, but) to say she was missing?
– Why didn’t he look for her earlier?
– How did he already KNOW she was missing when he called?

-The missing persons report has her mothers address listed, and not her own home on Brooklynn lane. Is this just a clerical issue?
-What all does a ‘witness’ entail? Did all these people see her leading up to her disappearence?
-If she did infact say she was being followed, why don’t the police know this?
-Her last known sighting was midnight outside her home. How was her friend waiting from 10-1AM and not see her?
-Why was a friend waiting when she had planned to stay in and watch TV?-
-How was her cell phone voicemail full that weekend, but someone was able to leave a message on the 29th?
-Why did it take over two weeks for the police to notice they had seen her?
-Why are they checking her phone calls if she left it at home and it isn’t in police possession? Do we even have a confirmation on where her phone actually is?
-Why go to WPD to use the phone when she owns a cell working cell phone?

Got more? Leave them in the comments!

rough timeline including all reports and statements

January 14
Afternoon: ES goes to Carolina Gymnastics to drop of daughters clothes (initial media report / family)
Acted strange from medication, goes home and goes to bed (family

Told coach someone was following her and said she was driving to WPD. Drove off speeding. It was late, technically 1/15.(restricted source, not in media) note: the gym closes at 8 pm on Thursdays.

January 15
9:30 AM : “Last Known Secured” listed on MP report.
7 P.M: Spoke with mother about dinner via cell phone at home (initial media reports, until 2/8)
8 P.M: Walks in, alone to WPD to make a phone call. Phone doesnt work (Capt. Varrone, 2/11)
10- 1AM: Antonio McCoy is outside her home waiting 10Pm-1A.M (Capt . Varrone 2/10)
12 AM: “Last seen” outside apartment at midnight, friday. (Capt. Varrone, 2/11)
1 AM: H.Rivers (mother) gets call from the waiting friend to say she hasnt shown up.

Jan 29th
Vigil is held.
Police do not have her cell phone, but are checking records every 15 minutes (Det. Sneed)

January 31
ES cell phone rang, VM not full.

February 9
Last Seen at WPD 8pm
(Capt. Jim Varrone)…/wpd-ups-reward-for-missing…/

February 10, 2016:
In front of her apt. 12am/Midnight on Friday
(Capt. Jim Varrone)…/new-details-in-case-of…/

February 11
Capt. Jim Varrone states she left her cellphone behind, there has been no activity, (2/11 Capt Varrone news conference)
Cricket Wireless has still yet to release phone records (Harriet Rivers, Mother, 2/11)


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    Of course, I could wonder why police are not releasing the video footage of her at the department the night she disappeared. Could they have done more? Is her father right was Ebonee begging for help and they refused? If she was acting paranoid and needed help, why didn t a police officer go out to the lobby to help her or call for an ambulance, especially after she was at the police department the night before acting the same way? Why did they just ignore her? Or is there more to that story?

    • Case Ravel says:

      They did release part of the video later that year. Though that footage may now be removed. We’ll check into it and post a link if it’s available!

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