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Coty Scott Taylor Considered Sole Perpetrator

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Who Was Coty Scott Taylor?

Coty Taylor had nothing on his record other than traffic violations and a small dispute with the sanitation department over trash fees. He also graduated in the top 10% of his high school class of Bluffton High School in the coastal South Carolina town, was on the robotics team, and had not been in trouble there either.

Friends claim he was socially awkward but very kind to the point they had a hard time picturing him being involved. It is not known why in 2009 he seemed to stop attending USC or where he was working at the time of Faye’s death, though he had previously worked in the food industry.

Witness accounts in 2012 provided a sketch of a man very similar to Taylor in an attempted abduction less than 8 miles, which may have been unrelated.

Coty Taylor Did Not Know Faye or Her Family

Taylor did not know Faye, who lived within 500 feet of his townhouse, and furthermore her parents say she knew to be mindful of her surroundings, which is why her mother let the child play right in front of the home, in the yard sitting on the cul de sac of the neighborhood, as she stepped inside. It is now known that police were searching for Faye within an hour of her going missing, and within multiple hours the entire neighborhood was being searched by FBI, canines and more.

It was within hours as well that police now believe Coty Taylor killed Faye Swetlik by asphyxiation which is strangling, smothering, or choking. What remains a mystery is what happened to her during the days of search that followed. Not only was Coty’s residence searched while he interviewed by police briefly on Wednesday, but her body was not in the wooded location where it was found Thursday morning at that time.

Police Find DNA and Video Evidence Linking Coty Taylor

Evidence shows it was likely moved there in the night or early morning right before. Coty was soon after found deceased at his residence where the police found a boot Faye was wearing when she went missing in the trash. Police also DNA at the scenes linked the two deaths and that of the community surveillance recovered shows Coty acting strangely, though nothing is specified.

Police say there was no suicide note, though some sources who claim to be closer to Coty suggest otherwise. His cause of death is now suggested to be suicide by incision to his throat. The physical evidence and location of the roommate during these events have made the police consider Coty Taylor the sole killer.

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