Our Mission, Team and Donations

Case Ravel started in 2015, with the goal of providing a resource for missing and Doe cases with reliable case facts while still allowing open-minded, respectful discussion. This effort arose in reaction to seeing how often facts were distorted or left out entirely by the media, making it difficult for anyone who didn’t have access to the original case files to separate the facts from fiction and human error.

Case Ravel hopes to serve the worldwide investigative community as a repository and place for sharing thoughts and insights, as well as providing media to support independent efforts to bring the missing home and restore John and Jane Does to their rightful names. We hope to resolve individual cases and advocate for laws that mandate reporting.  We are will to combine efforts with law enforcement agencies, supporting personnel, and sincere armchair sleuths.

Help Keep Case Ravel.
The team and followers spend countless hours working on these cases.
Aside from time, costs are incurred for hosting the website,  document services, DNA testing and more.
If you would like to contribute towards any costs directly, please contact us!

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